What is the difference between trial version and registered version

The output video converted by trial version will be with a "trial version" watermark in the center. After you purchase the program and enter your license key, this limitation will be removed.

After the conversion, the converted file has no sound. What’s the matter?

Since installing stereo mixer may be troublesome, we introduce a virtual sound card technology to record the flash sound so that you don't have to install stereo mixer. You need to upgrade to latest version to use virtual sound card. However, if you prefer using stereo mixer or the virtual sound card is not working, please read the following instructions.

The program converts the sound by recording, so you need to have a full-duplex sound card, which can play and record at the same time. Most new sound cards are duplex, but many older sound cards (and many of those built into the motherboards of notebook computers) are not.

If you have a full-duplex sound card, but the program still says you need to set some options about Stereo Mix, please go to the Control Panel of the computer and double-click on the Sounds and Audio Devices and then you will see a pop-up window.

Sounds and audio devices properties

Please click the Audio tab and then click the Advanced button of Sound Recording and please check Stereo Mix option in the pop-up panel.

If the Advanced button is disabled as the above figure, please click Volume button in Sound Recording panel and then you will see a pop-up window.

recording control

Choose Properties in Options menu and then please check Stereo Mix in the list.

Stereo Mix Properties

After you select Stereo Mix, you will return to a window as follows:

Select recording control

You will see Stereo Mix option is selected.

Can the program stop recording and converting automatically after the SWF file finishes playing?

We are sorry the current version of the program cannot stop recording automatically at the end of the Flash. You need to control the end point manually.

How to change the size of output video?

Click the Options button to select a desired output format and you can select the size from a range of settings we provide. You can simply choose Original Size to keep the converted file in its original size.

How to get the technical support?

You can get e-mail support at support@flash-video-converter.com