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How To Watch Flash SWF Video On PSP

Why convert SWF to PSP MP4? You must have your favorite Flash SWF files you want to watch on your PSP any time you want, but you may get tired that you have to watch them only on your computer. SWF to PSP MP4 Converter is the easiest and quickest way to turn your SWF Flash files into high quality PSP MP4 format playable on your PSP.

SWF to PSP MP4 Converter is an easy to handle and professional SWF to PSP MP4 Video Converter that can perfectly convert SWF to PSP MP4 Video and Audio format files. With it, you can convert SWF to PSP video or audio from local computer or from internet.

No need to learn to work with complicated software, SWF to PSP MP4 Converter works in just a few quick steps and takes only minutes, even seconds! SWF to PSP MP4 Converter is very easy to use even to beginners. Converting your Flash files to PSP playable MPEG4 files is just a breeze! This really comes in handy and saves a lot of time, when you want to create something truly unique from your SWF Flash resources.

SWF to PSP MP4 can convert SWF video to avi, mpeg, mp4, 3gp and flv in three steps: Choose flash SWF file from your computer, Choose a profile and set technical parameters for the output, Record to convert your flash to the format you want. It's designed with powerful editor functions. It allows you to select codec for recording, including Microsoft video 1, Divx6.8.5 codec, Helix YV12 YUV code. That let it record sound with the outstanding virtual sound card technology and converting swf with leading audio and video codec. SWF to PSP MP4 Converter lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP, cell phones and other portable devices. MPG output can be also used as materials for DVD authoring software. When converting SWF to PSP MP4, mpeg, mp4, 3gp and flv, the SWF to PSP MP4 Converter gives your full control to customize video bit rate, frame size, frame rate, audio bit rate, audio channel and more.

Setp1: Download & Install

First and foremost, download the SWF to PSP Converter and then install it to your computer. Once the converter is installed, double click the icon to run it and follow the step below to launch the conversion with ease.


Setp2: Add SWF Video Files

Import the SWF files into the converter. No more special skills, just simply click the "Select File" icon on the upper left of the main interface, browse media folder you save the .swf file, choose it and then press "Open", the file will be imported into the program automatically.

Add SWF Video Files

Setp3: Set Output Video Format

Choose proper output format for the imported file. To do this, first play the SWF video, and then hit "Profile" menu bar and you will see a drop-down list, where different video formats and optimal presets for applications like iMoive, Final Cut Pro, portable devices like iPhone, iPad Mini, etc. exist. Just select the one meets your need as the output format.

Set Output Video Format

Setp4: Convert Flash SWF to PSP

Click the big button on the lower right to go to the conversion window. There, press the "Start" button to begin the conversion from SWF to the designated video format. By "play/pause" the SWF video, and dragging the process bar, you can control over the whole conversion in real-time, which means you will get certain part/parts of the video as per your need. Click "Stop", then the SWF file will be converted perfectly. A pop-up window will show you the destination of the converted file.

Convert Flash SWF

PSP - A movie theater that fits in the palm of your hand

Watch movies, videos and TV anywhere. Anytime. And all on your PSP® system. All videos look great on the widescreen LCD, or connect to a TV and watch it on the big screen.

You can c hoose from hundreds of movies and TV shows available on UMD (Universal Media Disc™). Aside from movie and music videos available commercially on UMD, the PSP can also play video files from the Memory Stick. These files must be in MP4 or AVI format which SWF to PSP MP4 Converter can convert Flash SWF to.