Video to Flash Converter

Why embed FLV videos to the Web

Video streaming has been popular nowadays in the World Wide Web. Putting video on the online is a great way to show your work to others, whether you want to display it to your friends and relatives, or simply plan to offer sample clips to your prospect clients.

Video to Flash Converter is a professional solution for FLV flash videos. Video to Flash Converter can play FLV flash videos either on computer or internet, convert video clips in other formats to FLV flash videos and embed the output FLV videos in a SWF player with a fully customizable template. The templates plays the embedded videos with a controllable playlist and a distinctive style customized by you. Video to Flash Converter help you to embed videos in HTML easily and match your website style perfectly.

If you want to embed multiple videos in your website with a playlist, Video to Flash Converter will be the best choice. Video to Flash Converter can easily embed multiple FLV videos in a SWF player with a template which comes with a controllable playlist and a customizable theme. The playlist allows you to embed a series of videos within a SWF player without taking too much page space. You can easily play a certain video by choosing it in the playlist. The control panel of the theme gives you full control to customize the style of the player including color of panel background, buffer and time, HTML tile, load style, flash menu, sound volume etc. And you can decide how to play the videos by setting the playback actions, i.e. auto play, auto repeat, enable/disable link, etc.

In a word, this FLV Player and FLV converter gives you full control to customize every detail of the flash videos embed.

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Flv playing

More info about Video to Flash Converter

Video to Flash Converter not only can play FLV videos from web, Video to Flash Converter also can convert other video formats including 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, VOB, WMV to FLV videos. This smart FLV converter will automatically recognize flash video files and show "completed" conversion state.

With Video to Flash Converter, you have the full control to customize the style of the flash video player. Control panel, slide color, button color, buffer slide color, time color, buffer background, etc can be fully customized. Control panel position can be either on the top or at the bottom of the flash video. You can also hide or show control panel as you like, or show control panel only when mouse hovers on. Time duration of the FLV flash videos can be also hidden.

Why FLV?

The full form of FLV is Flash Live Video. It is actually a certain type of file that helps to deliver videos using the software Adobe Flash Player. However this system works only over the Internet. The great thing about playing back videos on the web using FLV is that it produces good quality of video because of the great rate of compression that it offers. Because of its good video quality, FLV has very quickly become one of the most used formats for viewing embedded videos over the internet. There are some big names over the Internet who have adopted FLV as their choice of video viewing file format, which includes – YouTube, etc.